About Me

Qualifications and Training 


BA in Psychology 

Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

Training and experience in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Certified Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist

Certified Freedom Family Formula Specialist 

Certificate in Advocacy

Certified to Support Pregnancy and Baby Loss

Certified BTR 3 step rewind practitioner and to Support Perinatal and Birth Trauma

Post Partum Doula Training 

Certificate in Mindfulness for Professionals 

Currently Training in a new dynamic approach to Conscious Emotional Processing -

As a 

Feel Right Emotional Empowerment Specialist.

Follow my journey to learn more as I do!


I work as a Therapeutic Coach, Combining Talk Therapy, Coaching and Mind/body Techniques

I support women to I support women heal from the grief, loss & trauma carried from their journey to (m)otherhood so they regain confidence & enjoy life fully again.

Fully Insured 

Attend regular supervision 

Participate in regular CPD 

QQI Certificate in professional and ethical practice 

Continued reading and learning in my specialist areas. 




I went through and came out the other side of my own Fertility Journey

Over 60 Cycles of hope, longing, fear, loss, grief, anger, sadness and feeling left behind. 

A further 2 year IVF journey

Followed by high anxiety in pregnancy and postpartum. 

In looking for support I was shocked and saddened to find vey little or indeed 

any appropriate support. 

To find space to feel seen, heard, held, acknowledged and like someone really understood.


I went on a journey of my own then in training to become able to support others in a way 

that was and still is so badly needed. 


In doing so I subsequently went on my own healing journey. I look at this as what I have 

previously referred to as 'A You First Approach'.  

It is so important for me to have taken this approach and embraced my own internal healing

journey. It means I bring with me a different energy when supporting others. 

I am able to know when I am being triggered and have a supervision space to bring this to. 

Having done my own healing it enables me to hold space for others. To go on a journey with no 

limits as to what I can explore with others as I have done the work on myself. 


I am an open, authentic, transparent book. I really enjoy connecting with others.

I am passionate about supporting others in fertility, otherhood, pregnancy and preparing for parenthood. 

I love to read, go for walks, music, dancing and a glass of vino and natter with my girlfriends. 

I also very much love and enjoy time to myself. 

I am so grateful for the patience and love from my husband and daughter, family and friends. 

I am very excited for where this next chapter bring me. 


Any questions please feel free to get in touch or indeed follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook

@fertilitywellbeingireland. @prioritisingmum


  • Support rediscovering you while navigating being mum

  • Emotional Empowerment and Wellbeing

  • TTC after Loss

  • Anxiety

  • Fertility Grief and Loss 

  • Reproductive Trauma

  • Emotional Wellbeing 

  • Mental Wellbeing 

  • Confidence 

  • Relationships

  • Emotional Support exploring Assisted treatment

  • Emotional Support for women navigating Childless not by choice and life without bay

  • Pregnancy after Loss

  • Pregnancy after infertility

  • Motherhood after loss

  • Motherhood after infertility 

  • Miscarriage and Baby Loss

  • Anxiety in pregnancy

  • Preparing practically, emotionally and mentally for motherhood after your fertility journey

  • Perinatal Trauma

  • Perinatal Anxiety 


I currently offer 1:1 Support. 

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Changing the way we connect and support each other, one conversation at a time.

 Talks, Workshops, Conferences, Retreats. 


In person events 


Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social and Hormonal Wellbeing


Fertility, Otherhood, Pregnancy and Motherhood.