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Feeling heard, supported and like someone really gets how you are feeling makes the world of difference

Ways we can work together to support your Fertility Journey

A fertility Journey can be incredibly lonely, isolating, overwhelming and can impact how we feel in ways we never expected. It can also spill over and start to impact our relationships and how we feel about ourselves and how we connect with others. Over the years I have found what really makes a difference support wise for those currently navigating their fertility journey and trying to keep a hold of themselves as they do. Below are the 2 options that the wonderful women I support have been drawn to and through feedback have recommended for others. 

As mentioned throughout my website and via Insatgram, my approach is very much person centred. I am always open to chatting about creating bespoke packages to suit where you are at right now. Please feel free to get in touch to chat about some alternative options.

Pay as you go sessions are available also. These are 60 minutes in duration and €70.

FWI Clarity sessions .jpg

Clarity Sessions

Begin to unravel the overwhelm of Infertility and feel more like you again.


That give you clarity & coping mechanisms.

Bringing you from a place

of overwhelm & Coexisting...

to a place of calm .

An empowering neutral space so that you can feel a little lighter, clearer and ready to decide what


Duration: 2 x 60 minutes
Location: Online Zoom

Price: €120*
*Payment plan available


Over the years and with feedback from the women I have supported, I have found that what works best is a conversation that allows space for you to talk about what has been going on for you. How you are currently feeling and how you want to be feeling as you embark on your assisted treatment journey. 

Maybe it is not your first rodeo and you feel going into the next cycle,  emotional support would really help. We can talk about this and create plan that works for you. That meets you where you are at, that works around your life and what is going on for you, and most importantly your energy and what you are able for. 

The 6 sessions can be weekly or spread out over 3 months. We can go with the flow of this and see what feels right as we go. Past experience has shown that this plays out authentically as your confidence in yourself grows. Feel free to email or fill out the form below and we start with a chat and see if working this way feels right for you. 

Duration: 6 x 60 minutes & Support in between*
Location: Online Zoom

Price: €420* 
Payment plan available



Emotional Support for you as you navigate assisted treatment. Helping you to feel calmer and more in control of how you respond to all that you are going through.
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