My Approach

Specialist Emotional and Wellbeing Support in

Fertility. Otherhood. Pregnancy and Motherhood

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing, Fertility Grief, Trauma and Loss. 

Supporting Reproductive and Perinatal Grief, Loss,  Anxiety and Trauma.

Supporting you in Motherhood - Journeying with you while you rediscover you, while navigating being Mum

Supporting you in Otherhood.(Childless not by choice) - Holding space for you as you go on an empowering and healing journey. Rediscovering you and moving forward in a way that feels right for you.

A unique blend of Coaching, Psychology, Counselling and Mind/Body Techniques


I embrace a very person centered approach. 


I have found that over the years clients and indeed in my own experience that we need 

very different things at different times and support in different forms. 


I truly believe to be able to be an affective practitioner a broad tool kit is needed. One that allows me 

to not just respond to people in using various theories or practice but also allows me to be fully able to respond to the needs of my clients, in the moment as they sit in front of me. 


To provide a space to meet the person where they are at and for them to feel safe to share their story. To feel not just listened to but really heard and understood. No judgement, no blame, no shame, just unconditional active listening. 


Combining a blend of coaching, psychology, counselling and mind/body techniques allows me to work in the most effective way with clients. To work with them having the tools to learn from the past and allow the client to work towards shaping a different future.


Truly supporting people to live in the now and feel confident in themselves again. To  know who they

are, what they want, what is important and walking away with a tool kit of techniques, strategies

and mind/body techniques to make decisions from a place of knowing and trusting in themselves 

and learning that no matter what they can handle anything. 


I embody a very open and honest approach. I am clear from that start that in working with someone 

that it is from and place of equals. I am there to listen, reflect, hold space and remind the person 

that they do have the answers they just need the space to explore what that looks like for them. 


That in working with me clients I attract are willing to be open, curious, accountable and willing to do the work that it will take to bring them from where they are currently to where they want to be. 

Where they can be themselves, laugh, live and enjoy life again in a way that feels right for them. 


It is truly inspiring and empowering. I am very excited to work and journey with others. 


If you would like to know more. Please feel free to get in touch. You can also follow me over on Instagram and Facebook @fertilitywellbeingireland. @prioritisingmum