Otherhood. A phrase I came across in research and working with those childless not by choice. The idea of exploring life without baby. 

When all you have wanted is to have a baby. When you have exhausted yourself financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. When you have tried everything it can be a heartbreaking decision to explore the idea of stopping. Of not trying anymore. Of exploring what life might look like for you going forward. 

Looking at how you even begin to heal and not move on but how you can move forward. Move forward in a way that you can still feel enough. Feel fulfilled, happy, laugh and enjoy life again. To grieve the future you had hoped for, thought you would have, which you deserved and yet did not get. How do you even begin to let go of that? To move forward. To begin to heal? 

With the right support it is possible. You can feel like you again. You can laugh, enjoy intimacy, time with your partner, with family, with friends. You can be around those who are pregnant. You can hear unhelpful comments and judgments from those who don't know your story and still be ok. 

You can do this by realising you don't have to be all those things, do all those things, feel all those things straight away. 

It takes time. You know yourself best and what you need and maybe a little bit of support with someone holding space to explore what that looks like for you. While you get your confidence back, trust yourself and know what you want and how to move forward. 

If you are open and curious as to how, please do feel free to get in touch. We can have a  chat which offers you space for you to talk about how you are feeling and seeing if working with me can help. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @fertiliywellbeingireland.

I look forward to connecting with you. Dara x