Fertility Wellbeing Ireland


Specialist Emotional Wellbeing Support . 
Supporting: Emotional Wellbeing, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief & Loss
as you Navigate your
Fertility, Otherhood, Pregnancy or Motherhood Journey 

Meeting you where you are at on your fertility journey. Whether it is 16 days, weeks, months or years. Placing emotional and mental wellbeing at the heart of your journey. 

Your story matters. Your journey matters. It is so important to have space to feel seen, heard, held and like someone really gets it. 

A fertility journey can be hard, lonely and isolating. The right support makes a massive difference.

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing, Reproductive Grief & Loss, Reproductive Trauma & Emotional wellbeing in Assisted Treatment. 


Exploring life without baby and the idea of otherhood and childless not by choice. 

Unfortunately not all fertility journeys end with a baby in your arms. It is an incredibly heartbreaking and difficult decision to reach in deciding when it is the right time to stop trying. Sometimes the decision is made for you for example through infertility, illness or early menopause. It can be a long and lonely journey to begin exploring how you can move forward and create a different future for yourself. Different from the one you had been hoping for.

Supporting Emotional wellbeing in exploring life without baby, childless not by choice and emotional wellbeing in Early Menopause. 


Just because you become pregnant, maybe after trying for a very long time, it does not mean fear and anxiety suddenly vanish. In many cases it can heighten these feelings and bring with it a rollercoaster of others. Going from hoping and now having something to lose. Acknowledging and then help navigating these feelings can make such a difference.  

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing, Perinatal Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Perinatal Trauma & Birth Trauma.


So you have maybe reached preparing for Motherhood. Something you may have given up hope on ever happening. It can be a particularly overwhelming and anxious time. It is so important to prepare not just practically but also emotionally and mentally. To look at what supports you need to put in place. Making time for you and communicating with your partner ensuring you are on the same page about what supporting each other looks like. 

Perhaps you are well into your Motherhood Journey and are just now surfacing for air. You may feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed or unsure of who you are now. Maybe you are ready to explore having support with rediscovering you, while you navigate being mum. 

My Approach

Hi All.

If you would like to know a little bit more about my approach please feel free to read more below. I encompass a very person centered approach and journey with my clients, meeting them where they are at and exploring how we can work together to get to where they want to be. I am honest and upfront about the way I work, I feel it is important to know that as my client you are open, curious and willing to do the work that it will take to get you to where you want to be. Feeling confident in the decisions you make. Knowing who you are and trusting yourself in all that you do. It is incredibly insightful and empowering work and I am excited for this chapter. 

Sessions are currently offered online. I offer limited face to face sessions.

I currently offer 1:1 support in Fertility, Otherhood, Pregnancy and Motherhood.

Supporting Emotional wellbeing and 

Reproductive and Perinatal Trauma, Loss and Grief. 

Now offering support for Mums.

Journeying with you, in rediscovering you, while navigating being mum.

Supporting you in Otherhood (Childless not by choice).

Holding space for you as you go on an empowering and healing journey.

Rediscovering you and moving forward in a way that feels right for you. 

About me

Hi All. 

I am Dara Byrne. After my own fertility journey and subsequent anxiety in pregnancy and into motherhod and in finding it incredibly 

difficult to find the right kind of support 

went on my own journey to both heal and then train to support others with emotional and mental wellbeing wherever they are on their journey. Also supporting individuals with loss, grief and trauma. Supporting them on their healing journey and moving forward at a pace and in a way that feels right for them.

If you would like to know more about me. Please feel free to read below. 

You can also follow me on

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For Fertility and Otherhood


For Pregnancy and Motherhood



Getting Help On Your Healing Journey

Whether you are on a fertility journey, exploring otherhood, ttc after loss, pregnant after loss, preparing for motherhood and feeling anxious or overwhelmed or well into Motherhood and would like support rediscovering you while navigating being Mum.

If you have experienced reproductive or perinatal trauma, grief or loss.  If you would like to feel in control of how you are feeling. To feel like you again. Confident, knowing yourself, trusting yourself and your decisions please feel free to get in touch.

Processing our feelings and taking action around them is where the healing begins and you can move forward in a way that feels right for you. It is incredibly empowering. Excited to connect with and journey with you. 

Dara x 


Self Esteem

TTC after Loss

Pregnancy after 



Perinatal Trauma


Fertility Loss

Fertility Grief


Confidence and


Preparing for 


Emotional and 

mental wellbeing

Reproductive Trauma

Breastfeeding Trauma 

Relief with your


Life without


Feel like you 



Embodied Conversations Support Series 

First Event June 5th 2022 - Pregnancy and Motherhood.

Creating the space to have embodied conversations that change the way we connect and support each other

doing so one conversation at a time.



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